3 of 3 - Catching Up

We were in Chicago for a total of 2 days... 
The rest of the time was split between St. Louis for Rheanna's graduation from
Washington University (She has a Master's in OT!!) 
"Up North" (a.k.a. Our cabin in northern MI.).

Grant telling Uncle Ryan and Aunt Carly all about his flight east.

Blurry BUT cute!
The graduate!!

Looks like fall but it's really spring clean-up at the cabin!

Beaver Lake with my boy :)


2 of 3 - Catching Up

With all that's been going on, we three needed a break!

(This + the above & below photos at Chateau Ste. Michelle)

West coast bound + an extra long weekend = perfect.

We went to Seattle because one of Eli's brothers lives there and I've never seen the city apart from the airport! There's so much to see, experience, and taste there... I loved it.


I'm a city girl. Still.

Cranes for freight in the harbor.

Fresh Seafood

Tulips @ Pike's

1 of 3 - Catching Up

The past 3 months for us have been FULL... So much so, that I've neglected some things and let others fall through the cracks. I'm catching up now though, finding a great pace of life while at it!

Mom & Dad visited for a couple of days, showering all 3 of us with gifts, love, and precious time so many families take for granted these days. I LOVE that we have such an awesome relationship despite the 2000 miles (give or take a couple) that separate us (right now at least!).

Eli's been busy building houses and custom pieces out of reclaimed barn wood.
The above photo was our largest single order to date... We are definitely blessed by his skills,
and excited about what God is doing with his hands as he works, studies, and teaches.
Yes... The church is doing well, growing, and God is blessing us!

And of course, GRANT! My little man. 
This was Easter Sunday, his first experience walking around outside. He's happiest when he's outdoors. 



Today's the day! Grant turned one! And all I can say is that this past year with him has been overwhelmingly wonderful in every way.. He is our greatest joy. Eli and I have been SO blessed with a handsome, happy, healthy boy. We LOVE holding him, reading to him, watching him experience new things, teaching him... What a privilege, what an honor God has bestowed upon us, that we raise up this little one to know and love HIM!


Photos : Izzi Ray / Ruthie Krager / Marianne Wiest / Jarrett Farewell


For such a time as this..!

In December, our pastor approached Eli with a question. One that I had feared for a couple of years, first, because I know the type of heart Eli has, and secondly, because I personally prefer a tad bit more civilization (Target is an hour away!). It was about our commitment to the church, which is in a town bordering Canada. He was leaving... and he didn't want to leave the pulpit empty. Our initial response? We didn't feel that Eli was to step up. But, we desire God's will for our lives and so we knew we had to bring it before Him. We prayed for weeks. Every scripture we received supported the calling God was placing upon Eli/us. There were several prophecies. Basically it came down to us having to realize that this was of God despite our age, location and personal feelings. He did a work in our hearts for sure. We couldn't deny the overwhelming answer He gave us. SO! Last Sunday, the 12th, Eli was ordained and we as a family were prayed over by the church. And yesterday, he taught for the first time as the pastor of Kootenai Christian Fellowship!!

We are more excited then ever about what God is doing in our lives and what He has in store for the church! And we can't wait to share more... soon...!!

Esther 4:14b - "Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?"

P.S. Please keep us, our church, and the ministry in prayer!


Around the farm...

Uncle Eli built the frames & Aunt Leah drew the barnyard scenes! 
We made these for our newest little nephew, Lane Charles.

I love working with my husband.
Just sayin' :)


2012 Update #1

We've been running, it seems, for quite a while. So much is going on. Being busy is good, but when it stops you from enjoying moments, the things you LOVE to do, reflecting, well then, we personally aren't in favor of it. Currently, Eli is building 5 frames out of reclaimed barn wood (loves it), Grant's "organizing" everything (enjoying himself), and I'm catching up/updating everything/taking the time to write :) (reflecting). YAY! Sweet success...

Here are some of our favorite things from the past couple of weeks:

Grant resisting sleep amongst the chaos.
P.S. He took 3 STEPS yesterday!!

An illustration I did for my blog - Montana's City Girl
P.S. I'm starting to delve more seriously into my art and am so excited about that!
P.S. I'm also working on several projects right now that I CANNOT wait to share with everyone!
P.S. Consider this an outlet for my art + work + interests :)

Gerald and Krista had a baby boy!!!
Lane Charles was born the 21st and is incredibly handsome.

The proud papa and our second nephew!

P.S. View our family slideshow, thanks to the amazing Marianne Wiest, HERE!